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All Started with a Dream

Some grandparents give you a card with some money in it. Well on Christmas 2012 my grandmother had Roma-Park Helga waiting for me in the yards. Helga was a heifer I had broken in and shown for local Limousin breeder Robert and Marilyn Bulley. 

This is where the Crimson Park journey began.

Throughout the years of just having Helga and a few commercial calves I am finally able to start growing the team.

2019 was a year of shows and learning, where I meet Liana who helped me catch the Corgi bug and then bred me the beautiful Callie and Mossy.

While things were on the up 2020 had other things in mind. Stuck at home with 2 puppies and not much else to do, I thought why not add a few more Stud cows to the team. With that in mind Scotty gave me a call and the rare opportunity to secure one of our foundation cows 'Progress Miss Congeniality' and her calf with many more following suit. We also founded a new partnership with Jordan Ridge of Mystic Ridge Limousins sourcing two embryo calves from his program.

With this being just the beginning of our story, I look forward to the years to come when our own home bred lines will join the National and International stage that their lines before them have been showcased.

With many more experience to come I hope everyone enjoys being a part of the Crimson Park Family

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