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Corgi History

The Legend of the Welsh Pembroke Corgi

Unlike many breeds, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi does not have a traceable history. Their origins hidden by tales and folklore with ties to the British Isles. According to legend, two children tending their family's cattle on royal lands found a pair of pups though to be foxes. When they brought the puppies home, they were told the dogs were a gift from the faeries.

 Welsh legends tell us that faeries would use them to pull their carriages and as mounts for them to ride into battle. If you look, you can still see the marks of the saddle on their shoulders. As the puppies that the children brought home grew, they learned to help their humans watch over their cattle, a task to become a responsibility for their descendants for the centuries to follow.... Or so the legend goes.

The more common theory dates back to Scandinavian raiders bringing their dogs with them to the British Isles as far back as the 9th-10th century. The Swedish Vallhund is seen to bear many similarities to today's Pembroke Welsh Corgi and is presumed to have bred with the native Welsh dogs. Any offspring that expressed herding traits were no doubt selectively bred to enhance that skill.

How they came to be named is also a mystery? However, it is thought that is comes from the Welsh word "cor" which means "to watch over or gather" with "gi", a form of the Welsh word for dog. Another legend says the interpretation for the word "cor" means, "dwarf". Combine that with the Welsh "gi" for dog and you get "dog of the dwarfs" or "dwarf dog"

We are proud to be able to showcase such an animal which such a magical past

VELCALLE  Pembroke Corgis

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